One I production update February

One I production update February

Hey everyone,

there are quite a few things to cover so let’s get to it.

Due to the lengthy Chinese New Year holiday there is not much new to report regarding the production. The factory is slowly powering back up this very moment. We decided to use the time to further refine the Werk One design cosmetic side like engravings and to make final preparations for the M-01 Oled Module.

The M-01 Oled Module is supposed to be interchangeable in-between Werk One, Triad and our future designs. The challenge was creating a housing that doesn’t limit us engineering-wise in the future and fits into the design language we pursue. To achieve that, we had not only to alter the M-01 housings designs but slightly alter the Werk One top body module space too, adding more screw mounting points. Having less restrictions will allow us to implement even more modules in the future.

The prototyping of the final M-01 housings begins this coming spring, let us know what materials, finishes and colors you would like to see!

Last month we spent a lot of time refining the engravings and tiny details of regular production model, BHS and the commissions.

The idea is that each unit you receive feels unique to the user, no matter which variant you chose. As an example, the new BHS rear serialized badge: 

The inner housing got new refined engravings as well. We decided to keep some things in the shadows (quite literally) to make the assembly more fun for you with few little cryptic surprises. A sneak peek:

As you might know, with each product run, we have a limited number of commission spots available. The commissions are of different complexity with custom engravings and sometimes even new models we designed according to our customers requests.  To give you a few examples:

Since we continue to get new commission requests, there will be no commission spots open till the next product run. Keep an eye open for our future discord and blog for announcements or reach out directly, so we can put you on the waiting list.

As for the coming spring alongside with the M-01 Oled module we are preparing the final Werk Instrument prototype, more on that and the production process of Werk One in the next update. For high res images head to our discord .

Stay tuned,


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