One I production update April I Triad production Revision news

One I production update April I Triad production Revision news

Hope you have a great Sunday! It's getting really warm and sunny outside, there are bats flying around the low branches tonight like gargantuan butterflies and Mars is really big in the sky this time of year O_O

First of all sorry for the slightly delayed official production announcement and overall waiting time with Werk One. With the CNY and a few other holidays, there was almost 1.5 months of big nothing happening at our production partner, so we had to wait.

The great big news is: Werk One boards and the packaging production are finished, all the boards are finally packed up and our forwarder is working on getting them asap to our warehouse in Germany. Due to the many current geopolitical issues with the Red Sea shipping route, we decided to go with railway freight, which is more costly but also faster. We expect the boards to arrive in Europe within 3-5 weeks. After the boards have arrived in our warehouse, we immediately start with the final QC and are shipping out the boards to you.

BHS keyboards will take a little longer since Wally will need some time to finalize those, doing his Wally magic.

Most commission units are finished, those that require additional work of 3rd party artisans like Wally will be sent out to them as soon as we have received and QC the batch. We will keep you in the loop on that.

There will be an announcement before we start shipping out the Werk One to you. Still, please don't wait with letting us know if you require an address change. In the unlikely case you asked for an address change and didn't receive a confirmation from our end - mea maxima culpa, please send another request. Some of you asked for additional extra parts like plates and DBs. We will need to finalize the QC first before we can release any extras. If you are ok with the wait, let us know and we will put your order on hold.
It's not all good news though. Aside from delaying the Werk One GB for over 6 months by not placing the required payments in time, vendor failed to place the final full payment for 2022 Werk One R.1 to our manufacturing partner, who is waiting for it since January. This doesn't affect werk.technica customers, but results in indefinite delay for people who pre-ordered with We are looking into legal solutions to force the payment or find other options of how and if we can help customers. This will take time. More details on that in the new mkeu-buyers channel.

We have received plenty of requests for extras. There seems to be a big demand for extra Moloko units, unfortunately we will have relatively few Moloko extras. 5-axis milled giant copper pieces have been more demanding than we thought in the production, so there are far less extra units than we initially expected. There is a waiting list for the extras, if you want to join kindly send us a message via the page contact form.
Even though it was not always a smooth ride, we are excited to see Werk One getting in your hands soon. Thank you for all your support. It's you who made this project possible.
While Werk One production was heading towards its completion, we were working on the final production revision of Werk Triad. We will get into more in-depth technical details in a couple of weeks with our next update  - such as the new magnetic mount structure, more balanced side bezel proportions, the ergonomy of the slightly recessed knob and a larger inner weight piece.
The main new thing with the Triad R.1 will be the Triad configurator which will allow you to modify your board according to your taste and personal preferences.

Triad comes in three main editions and 6 different colourways.
- Le Jardin edition with Junip and Kanagawa colourway
- Shangri La edition with Sera and Chernobog colourways
- Classic edition with Moloko and Pale Peach colourways
You will be able to choose the bottom body materials, finish and the weight of each edition, modifying those will also determine the cost. It always was about custom keyboards and we want to give you more control over your build. Apart from the customization options, you will be in control of the cost of your chosen variant as well. With the configurator, some editions like Moloko are not locked behind a higher price tag since now you can for example go with a lighter aluminum bottom body variant of it. And yet you will be able to push things even further by going for something like a full PVD mirror polished stainless steel heavy bottom body piece. The four part bottom body of Triad will be fully customisable within the limits of each edition family.

Final prototyping round of Triad starts in early May and we aim for August 2024 for Triad release.

We will have more on it and on our revised pre-order model with pre-production starting ahead  of the GB in our next update in a couple of weeks.
Thanks for your support!
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