One I production update June

One I production update June

Hey everyone,

The CNC production of Werk One is finished. Most of the units are coated and passed the QC. Polycarbonate units are being sandblasted and tested for tolerances right now and some of the copper units might require recoating because of the fast oxidation (copper oxidizes already during the CNC process).

To sum it up, we believe the CNC production should be finalized by the mid/end of August the boards will go into packaging and prepared for the shipping to us in Germany.

But as the adage says “"A picture is worth a thousand words", so let’s get into it. Please note that the pictures are taken under a very bright halogen lamp factory light, they might appear on the brighter side. So like on the following pic the Moloko creme might look much whiter than it actually is:



Space Cherry:


And a close up of Pale Peach anodisation:

Last but not least a quick showcase of one of the commission units:


The PCBs are nearly finished too, to give you a glimpse:


We uploaded slightly higher res images on our discord with a small video of shades of Solaris blue anodisation in bright sunlight.

Considering the progress and how good the things look right now, we can say that we are so far very much on track to start sending the first boards to you guys sometime this autumn. Much will come down to the shipping speed of the board to us in Germany and the QC process.

Thanks for sticking around on this journey with us!



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