Triad I Reveal

Triad I Reveal

We proudly present you the Werk Triad, a 65% aek-side profile curve gasket array / top mount hybrid keyboard design.


It had been 10 months since the Werk One release and we want to thank you again for your support. Without it, finalizing the Werk Triad design wouldn’t have been possible. While the Werk Triad concept design originated sometime in 2020, the final push was this year.

The design idea behind Werk Triad was always creating an antithesis to Werk One. While Werk One has an elevated floating rear, a rather high typing angle of 8° and on purpose rather thin walls and some hollow spaces to achieve an airy clacky sound.

The Triad has:

-              A much lower typing angle of 6.3°

-              A lower front height of 1.675cm

-              An inverted curve rear

-              3-part design, unified by a multilayered inner weight element

-              Slightly thicker bezels

-              Gasket array mount you know from Werk One

-              Alternative top mount for more firm feel

The outer design elements result in a much more planted look. With much fewer hollow spaces on the inside, we aimed to create a rather thocky sounding board without the use of any foam.

As with Werk One, our main aim was to create a design that feels futuristic and nostalgic in the same time. While Werk One was blending futurism with some art-deco influences, we have been looking closely into constructivist ideas while working on the design of Werk Triad. Doing so, we stayed true to our design language utilizing curves to create the elegant design you expect from us.

The main constructivist idea was to use different classic geometrical shapes that interconnect shaping the overall design. The result is a three-part construction: 2 main bottom pieces and 1 the keyboard top interconnected by a multilayered weight shaping the artwork on the bottom body.


With this approach to Triads design, we have achieved a great flexibility in regard of the use of different materials, finishes and coatings, the possibilities are endless. As an example, Triad could have a dark polycarbonate top, with sandblasted copper / stainless steel bottom and a white copper weight with a small brass accent.  To be honest, currently we are very excited to look into different finishes like powder coat and PVD and different materials like stainless steel and white copper for different keyboards parts.

This flexibility in use of materials gives us much more options for the price range of different variants too. The cheaper variants of Triad are estimated to be 15% less than aluminum Werk One units, while we still will be able to use copper and brass in those designs.

As with Werk One we want you to experience the full circle of development and production process of the Werk Triad. In August 2023 the first round of prototyping begins, the second should follow early 2024. With the second round we will finalise the modular aspect of keyboard, which will mean progress for Werk One modules as well.

According to our production partners, we should expect no more than 2 prototyping rounds with the current design. Depending on the prototyping results, Triad run can be expected anytime Q2-Q4 2024. 

You will find the renders (its.hymn is a hero) in much higher res on our discord, we look forward to hear your feedback and talk about the design.

We will be showing the design elements like the bottom artwork of the design and other as we hope interesting details in the coming weeks and month. Off to new horizons!

Zaum out


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