Hey everyone!

Welcome to werk.technica. We hope you are having a smooth pre-order experience and have fun exploring this page.

If you are enjoying yourself and the question if werk.technica designers have been smoking the wacky-backy again doesn’t bother you too much, you might want to visit our interactive studio page too: www.werktechnica.studio. Our little hommage to Moebius and futurist 70’s design.

There you will find many artworks we created during the development process of Werk One in collaboration with the artist Dennis Kreker:

Additionally, you will find plenty of work in progress images from our old and ongoing design projects, those are hidden behind... well, let’s  say you might want to explore the page a bit.

The page will go live in the next days.

It’s been a long journey for many of you who have been following the development of Werk One for the past 2 years+. Just as with the transparent development process of the design which you could experience on our discord, it will remain the same for the production of the group buy units. You will be able to follow the production process here in this blog and as usual on our discord.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our discord server,you are welcome to drop by, it’s a fun place to stick around and chat with the team and our community: discord.com/invite/werktechnica

Right now we are collecting feedback on the page design, optimizing things and polishing remaining rough edges. Don’t hesitate to reach out with suggestions and ideas via contact form or directly on our discord.

If you have questions regarding your pre-order or want to combine orders, reach out to Zaum directly on discord or via contact form on this page.

We have a lot more going in the background that we cannot wait to reveal! =)

Have a nice stay and thanks for your ongoing support!


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