Keebstuff x Wally Patina BHS Cable

Keebstuff x Wally Patina BHS Cable

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Keebstuff Kabelmanufaktur is one of the most well known and experienced european custom cable makers in the keyboard community.  Each cable is a work of passion and manual labor.
BHS cable is patina-coated and heat treated by the artist Wally Patina.
We at werk.technica are happy to bring these two artists together to create something truly remarkable in a mass production run format.

werk.technica X Keebstuff X Wally Patina collaboration cable is designed to perfectly fit the Werk One BHS variant or just to be a beautiful handcrafted addition to your setup.

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Technical Specifications:

Each cable comes assembled in custom werk.technica themed packaging

One-piece 20cm non-coiled device end, sleeved in heat treated stainless steel

One-piece 1.2m host end cable, sleeved in mdpc-x dark grey shade

One-piece LEMO 1B BHS edition by Wally Patina

A little something from the werk.technica team

Just like the One, Keebstuff cables come in six different variants:

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